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Bharathi Arts Foundation

Bharathi Arts Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in Houston. Almost 45 years ago Mr. This organization started by Sam Kannappan. Today, it is a bridge that covers artistic, literature, culture and social interaction with the Tamil speaking people of India. This organization creates reconciliation and understanding beyond India’s culture, color, religion, ethnicity, religion, gender or national origin.

For the past four decades, the council has been organizing various literary events such as classical music and instruments, film / melody, dance, drama and street troupes, to promote many cultural events with the help of India and Tamil Diaspora Tamils. Over the past several years, the US has been carrying out the work of Tamil training classes for the children of the Bharatendra Branches for all children living in Pearlland, Sugarland Cyprus, Katie, and Houston. In Houston it is well known that the Bharatiya Karyaputra is a great way to promote awareness of culture and culture.