Our Purpose

Houston Tamil Studies Chair

The Tamil seat was successfully established at Harvard University, famous for its contributions to all Tamils. This was followed by Tamils’ initiative in Houston, where the Tamil Sangam has sought help from all Tamils ??to establish the Tamil seat in Houston University. In the first round of the money, a million rupees were presented at the meeting in Houston. A total of Rs 42 crore is needed in the Indian Rupee to set up the Tamil seat in Houston University. The state of Texas offers half a million rupees. The remaining 21 million rupees have been decided to mobilize all Tamils internationally.

The need to set up a Tamil seat in Houston

For Tamil it is necessary to research in two things. One is the peculiarity of Tamil. Another is culture of Tamil. Tamil Classical has been realized among archeologists and linguists in the world. They have a very clear idea about the age of Tamil. The Tamil Seat has been initiated to study the Sangam literature at Harvard University, in order to ensure the genius of Tamil.

How to Explore the Ability of Tamil

There is no evidence that literature is the only one to analyze the origin of a language. The time of the literature is to be determined. The inscriptions play an important role in exploring anthropology. But inscriptions do not always tell the whole truth. So we need great attention to studying inscriptions. Archaeological excavations such as underground can be explored by the Tamil myths found in other countries. These are all evidence that Tamils ​​have made maritime trade. It will also be examined in what periods are captured. This kind of research is conducted in the field of Tamil. The Tamil seat in Harvard University has been set up to do these things.

What is the need for Tamil seat in Houston?

We are not the world by the myth of our Tamils. Even if we were not Tamil without language for more than 2000 years, we would have been globalized. We need to understand this matter. In ancient times, Tamils ​​were sailors. We were ruling a part of the world business. The Tamils ​​ruled the Hindu sea in the Hindu. We had a glimpse of the land of the Indian Ocean. It is undeniable fact that Tamils ​​have traded from China to Rome as well. If a language is to stay in place, its kind will not help. If the speakers of the language multiply their livelihoods, their economic resources will remain stable and will prosper. If the Harvard seat was set up, the business magnacy of the Tamils, business management and business esteem was found 2000 years ago Tamil seat will help. How was Tamil business development done before 2000? How is it now lagging behind? The main purpose of the Houston Tamil seat is the study of how to do it. The Tamil seat in the famous universities in every continent is essential. Today, Tamils ​​live in almost 130 countries. Tamils ​​in these 130 countries are residing in their respective countries. They are not the most powerful bureaucrats, rulers, and powers. As ordinary people, they are living as businessmen. They are doing business in the country where they live in. It is a huge benefit if we try to establish a business relationship with the Tamils ​​living in another country. This can also be done with other nationals. All this can take 50 or 60 years. But the seed should be sown today. If that is done, the masses of Tamils ​​can be examined. Such studies can make Tamils ​​back into business forces. That’s why Houston’s Tamil seat is the primary objective of exploring Tamil business development. Tamil business developments require a wide range of seats. This is why the Tamil seat in Houston needs to be rushed.